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Launch your plan to pay off credit card debt faster and raise your credit score

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Pay debt faster

Stay on track and save months following the payment plan.

Save $100s

Lower your interest rate and avoid late fees.

Improve credit

Reduce your credit utilizationand keep a stellar track-record.

Regain control

Stay on top of your cards and let Smash do the heavy-lifting.

Outsmart credit cards

Set your goal and get your money working for you

Payment plan

Set a recurring payment plan to pay down your debt faster. Commit a weekly or monthly payment and automate the execution to avoid late fees. Smash does the work for you.

Wallet monitor

Managing all your cards is hard and stressful. Monitor limits, balances, transactions and due dates in one place and regain control.

Wallet monitor

Manage all your card in different places is hard and stressful. Monitor all your cards, limits, balances, transactions and dates in one place and regain control over your cards.

Outsmart credit cards

Escape the debt trap. Smash credit card debt. Breathe easier.

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Boost your progress

Our commitment is to help you achieve your money goals as quickly as possible.
We are developing two features to boost your progress.

Boost balance

Transfer your most expensive debt to Smash. Smash will take out a new loan, pay your debt in full, and you'll pay Smash instead, at a lower APR. It's how you turbo-charge your #debtfreejourney.

Smash rewards

Shop within our merchants network to earn money that goes directly to your balance. Save hundreds every month and pay down your debt even faster.

Iron-clad security

Securing your account

We use 256-bit SSL encryption on our app and databases. Access to your account is protected by your password and linked to your device, we ask for multi-factor identification when signing in from a new device. We will alert of any suspicious activity.

Safe-guarding your data

We never have access to your bank or credit card credentials. Smash has read-access to your data through Plaid, a partner trusted by firms like American Express, Venmo and Acorns. Payments are only initiated when you authorize them, and you can stop transfers at any time. While processing, your payments are kept on a FDIC-insured bank account.

Protecting your privacy

We don't sell your data or share it with others without your consent.



Our customer stories

"I thought card debt was just another fact of life. Learning I can be debt free in 6 months is an eye opener, can't wait to see it happen."

Sarah B.

Brooklyn, NY

Taking a loan to pay off credit cards feels like throwing money down the drain. I love how Smash makes it easir to pay them off using your cash, at your own pace.

Alejandro R.

Miami, FL

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