At Smash we believe that managing our credit cards should be as easy as swiping them.

Swiping is convenient, rewarding and often necessary. But making payments requires staying on top of many moving pieces, from due dates to interest rates and penalties, all while banks reward you to keep spending. This is how 100 million people in the US live with credit card debt and card companies make money.

At Smash we want to help people meet their financial goals, regain control of their money and pay off credit card debt in the fastest and most efficient way through a mobile platform that offers an excellent experience, security and support.

We make technology our ally in the fight against debt, putting artificial intelligence and automation at the service of Americans that work hard on their financial health.


Chris helped big financial firms build new payments and consumer products from the ground up as a consultant BCG. Now it's time to build a new fintech company to help millions of people that are struggling with their finances and are looking for fair solutions.


Nico has built and grown two fintechs in LATAM, offering better solutions for more than 3 million people. He wants to put all his experience to build a new solution through rapid experimentation, growth engines and great teams.

We are hiring

We are growing our team in the US and Latam. If you are interested in disrupting the credit card business with us contact us at We are looking for doers, talented and joyful people that want to support the #debtfreejourney of millions of Americans.