Pay off credit card debt once and for all

Get the best personalized credit repayment plan. We take care of the heavy lifting and keep track of all the details.

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Manage all your credit cards in one place

  • Monitor your card spending, balances and utilization and see weekly insights to keep you on track.
  • Manage your card bills in one place and pay with one click from your Smash app.
  • Connect all your credit cards to Smash in minutes.

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Securing your account

We use 256-bit SSL encryption on our app and databases. Access to your account is protected by your password and linked to your device.

Safe-guarding your data

We never have access to your bank or credit card credentials. Smash has read-access to your data through Plaid, a partner trusted by firms like American Express, Venmo and Acorns.

Protecting your privacy

You are the owner of your data, period. We only have the right to process your data and give you insights about your finances. Only with your consent we can share it with third parties.

How long will it take to pay off card debt?

Use this free calculator to learn how quickly quickly you can pay off your cards and how much you'll pay on interest

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